Trucks & Buses

The infrastructures of New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands are dominated by roads. Buses and trucks are vital for the transport of passengers and goods and without them the economy would grind to a halt. Catering to the needs of the Oceanian market our vessels are built to handle larger, higher and heavier vehicles. High deck strengths allow for loading heavier cargo, hoistable decks enable customised deck heights and wide ship ramps offer room for manoeuvring, ensuring safe load and discharge.

Our schedule offers a direct service and short transit time regardless if your vehicles are coming out of Japan, China or Korea. The liner schedule with its fixed dates makes it easy to plan your manufacturing and safe handling is always the top priority of our operational team.

Whether you would like to ship a small school bus, a specialised truck or a double-decker, Armacup is the right choice for you. We will make sure your vehicles reach your customer in perfect condition on the promised date of delivery.