How to import your private vehicle

Armacup has been providing a service from Japan to New Zealand for over 30 years and is the only shipping line offering a port-to-door service. These are the steps your vehicle will follow when you ship your vehicles from Japan with us.
In Japan
First step is to purchase the vehicle in Japan. You can do this yourself or through an agent either at an auction or through other channels. Armacup does not sell or buy vehicles, however we are happy to put you in touch with a buyer. Once you have bought the vehicle please simply instruct the agent in Japan to ship with Armacup.
After the vehicle is purchased your agent, normally the buyer, clears the local paper work, such as de-registration and customs clearance, and transports the vehicle down to the port where we take over control.
At the port yard in Japan, the vehicle goes through an MPI approved cleaning process and from 1st September to 30th April it will also go through heat treatment as required by the New Zealand Import Health Standard. Please note that both these processes are facilitated on behalf of the cargo owner. Next, a New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) structural check is carried out and if requested, we can also organise an odometer check.
Ocean Transport
When the pre-work is complete your vehicle is loaded on our fortnightly service and is transported direct to New Zealand.
In New Zealand
Five days before our vessel arrives New Zealand you will receive an invoice and a Notice of Arrival (NOA) with additional information. Once you have paid all outstanding freight and charges into our bank account and the Original Bill of Lading has been surrendered we will release the cargo. Once cargo is released we will arrange local delivery to your nominated Compliance Centre / address.