Breakbulk & Project Cargoes

With strong ramps and high main decks our Pure Car & Truck Carriers (PCTC) are custom built to also handle breakbulk and project cargoes. Armacup is regularly carrying large breakbulk cargoes such as train cars, generators, turbines, helicopters, mining equipment, oil and gas equipment and yachts. More and more breakbulk customers are choosing RoRo – the safer and smarter way.

Smaller breakbulk cargoes can be forklifted on board and lashed directly to the deck or placed on a 20’ bolster which is lifted on board. Larger, heavier and more sensitive cargoes are carefully loaded onto a roll trailer (MAFI), which is gently towed on board by a tug master. Regardless of the method you can rest assured our experienced Operations team will guarantee a smooth and safe handling. Why expose your cargo to risk of damage through squeezing it into a container or exposing it to high lifts when you can gently roll it onto our vessels?

In our innovative equipment fleet we have 20’ bolsters as well as 30’, 40’, 60’, 72’ and 80’ MAFI trailers. We also have tracked trailers and multi-purpose bogies specialised for handling rail cargo. Please contact us and we will explain further how we can support your logistics needs.