Agricultural, Mining &
Construction equipment

Construction, mining and agriculture are the backbone industries of the Oceanian economies and the region sees a constant demand for new equipment, of which a large portion is manufactured in Northeast Asia.

With a reliable liner schedule from Asia to Oceania, Armacup offers a specialised ocean transport capable of handling the great variety of imported equipment. Our vessels and cargo carrying equipment are custom-built for handling larger, higher and heavier machines. High deck strengths allow for loading of heavier units, hoistable decks enable customised deck heights and wide ship ramps offer room for manoeuvring, ensuring safe load and discharge. Thanks to a range of innovative equipment solutions we can also handle dismantled machines and static parts.

Armacup’s operational team has a wealth of experience and we have our own staff in the various ports attending and overlooking the operations. You can rest assured that safe handling will always be top priority.